Monday, March 23, 2020

Ya'll Alright??? (for my Parents Schooling at Home)

Oh My Gawd!

It's literally only been a week and one day and I'm looking for Sangria and a nap.
The first day was  peaches.
New experience, computer savvy-ness, Google Classroom, assignments laid out and ready. By day 3, my child was going Bonkers and I started searching for my Exorcist kit. 

 Time to wake up!

Then the child has the nerve to ask me, is being a parent Hard?!?!

"Oh no baby, its just challenging."

And this is a challenge within a Challenge!
Parenting is not hard at all, its just sometimes you don't know how anything is going to go. Your child can be focused one day and a complete monkey tomorrow,
but when you want to stick to a schedule and have a smooth day till the check list is complete and cooperation is out of the window {WHERE IS THE LEASH?}

We can actually relate this to everyday life.

You wake up, prepare to get ready for the day. You have an appointment.
You walk out the door, take your garbage out and your keys go down the garbage chute!

{This totally happened to me}

Instead of freaking out, I called the Super to make him aware that I need my ish.
{Greatly appreciate his efforts}

Almost cancelling my appointment, I proceeded to walk my child to school as she continually asked me how I was going to get my keys.

Pulled out my phone again and called a LYFT.
*I'm getting to this appointment and I am going on with my day*

I am here to reassure you that it will be okay
I am here to let you know, you are the calm in the chaos
Even if you have to Redirect

Next time this Rugrats attention is Off, I'm On to another solution

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Here's one way to coming into your body more, to take a second to breath, and to have a clearer mind.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Hermit

     When I think about the time we're in right now, the Hermit card from the traditional Rider Waite Tarot deck comes to mind. The Hermit symbolizes a time for introspection and to draw your energy inward. Even though there are external restraints causing us to withdraw from society, this is the perfect time for meditation and self reflection. 

How are you feeling at this time?  Especially if you are home, do you think you really have time to clear your mind without the hustle and bustle of everyday?

Some people are able to still go to work, others have an advantage to work from home but some of us are kind of left hanging in the wind. For that particular group, ask yourself, what are some ways you can earn money outside from your regular job? Picking up a new skill would be great.

What about building with other family members or people nearby?
We may be social distancing but we're not totally cut off  from everyone.
Ask the Most High for guidance and direction.
Pay attention to your dreams & look out for signs and what you may hear.
The answers are there. 

We'll all be fine on the other side.
To help navigate your journey, swing by for a live 7am session of
Rize & Shine Ophelia!

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Balance your Body, Mind & Spirit

Sunday, March 1, 2020

What Do You Want?

You think you're ready for that life?
That life you deeply ask for.

Most of us can't even get through the trials and tribulations,
day to day
without bitchin' and moaning.